How You Can Get Rid of Stretch Marks

When the skin is overstretched, it causes breakage to the fibers in the dermis, hence resulting to stretch marks. The main causes of it are pregnancy, extreme weight gain, body building, and puberty. These can be found on the breasts, legs, upper arms, abdomen and buttocks. It usually starts as red lines and then fades slowly to pale white after several months. And yes, they are not pleasing to the eyes.                                                   

The good thing, there are things that we can do to minimize its appearance. Firstly, there are tons of creams that you can buy in order to get rid of your stretch marks. Just make sure to ask your doctor about it beforehand, to ensure that these products are compatible and will not cause you any side effects, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Aside from creams, you can also use lotions that contain cocoa butter, rose hip oil, shea butter and vitamins A, C & E to help get rid of these marks. In order for these lotions to be absorbed fully by your skin, make sure to rub it for at least three to five minutes until the color fades away. You should also drink a lot of water so your body will always be hydrated therefore help minimize these lines. The most important factor that one should to take note of is to have patience and dedicate yourself to whatever regimen you are undertaking to get rid of your stretch marks. Like what they say, no pain, no gain!

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